More About Parent Ed

Parent Education Classes

I give parenting classes in nursery schools, public schools and independent schools.  My area of expertise is toddlerhood through latency (roughly, ages one through ten or so.)  I am available for series presentations as well as one-time visits.  I work with school principals and directors to design my classes to meet current interests and needs of the parent body.  A series might be built around a theme, such as Discipline. My one-time visits often center on the so-called “tender topics”:

Talking With Your Child About Death and Dying

When Your Child Asks “Where Did I Come From?”

Family Conversations About Diversity

At present, I am researching and writing a book for parents about mediating sibling disputes.  I have spoken at many local schools on this subject.  Parents' questions and concerns about this topic both inform and enrich my writing!  To schedule a talk on sibling disputes at your school free of charge, click here

Parent Coaching

Sometimes parents want a more individualized experience with an early childhood educator.  If the child has two parents, I prefer to work with both adults.  Depending on circumstances, we can meet in my office or I can observe and reflect in the child's home setting.  Often a combination of these is best.

High-Conflict Divorce Classes