Parent Education

These are difficult times for parents.  And I can't think of a job that's harder than raising kids, even in the best of times.  The challenges, the passions and the high stakes can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Unprecedented social upheavals and changing demographics have left parents in need of the kind of mentoring and support they traditionally received from family and community elders.  I got so much out of the parent classes I attended when my kids were small.  They were both consoling and educational.  I learned a lot and gained confidence.  Not only did I attain greater skill – but I found being a mother to be so much more joyful an experience!  It's in this spirit that I conduct my own parenting classes.

Share your wisdom 
I provide a bridge between theory and practice, but I am more of a facilitator than a lecturer.  In any group of parents, there is so much wisdom to share!  And sometimes, just hearing that someone else is going through what you are experiencing is more comfort than any amount of theory or technique a teacher could offer.  Parents learn every bit as much from each other as they do from me, so peer counseling is a key component of my classes.

Let your hair down
My classes are intimate and somewhat freewheeling. We may have “topics,” but any time a parent brings an emergent concern to class, that takes precedence.  I find that the topics all interconnect and interrelate anyway.  For example, toilet learning may take us to respect and respect may take us to manners and manners may take us to diversity education, and that may take us to celebrating holidays – and so forth.  In any case, humor is always welcome!  It gives us perspective and sharpens our sense of what really matters.

There are no recipes for good parenting
Working in parent education – with families from all over the world, and from a variety of educational and socio-economic backgrounds – has been humbling.  I don't believe there is any one correct way of raising children.  I try to steer clear of giving “recipes” for parenting.  I make myself useful in another way – by helping parents discover what they want for their kids and offering ideas about how to get there.  It's so easy to get caught up in the moment-to-moment events of childrearing that we lose sight of the big picture.  Sometimes our short-term solutions interfere with (or even sabotage) long-term goals.  By encouraging parents to clarify their values and objectives, and giving them tools that serve those ends, I'm able to help them to be more mindful and purposeful.

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