"I thought we covered a lot of ground and it feels like we have come to resolution. If anything, it was super productive.  I am grateful for your help. I am putting the 'REAL' ground rules on my desk as a reminder for every production meeting."
- Filmmaker

"I am a mother of an 11-year old boy and a 7- year old girl.  Everyone in our home has lots of opinions and things can get heated. After attending one of Susie’s “Parent as Mediator” workshops I had an opportunity to deploy a technique she presented.  I had bought the kids new pencils which had cool colored little rubber grippy bands to help them grip -- or in our case gripe! There were 4 and I thought it would work perfectly, two for each, but instead a massive battle ensued and I was ready to chuck the pencils in the trash. Just as I was ready to throw in the towel, I remembered a concept Susie had spoken about: separating position from interest. After calming down, we started a dialogue and I encouraged them to talk about and listen to each other express what it was that they found so fantastic about the new pencils.  What I quickly discovered is that my daughter liked the pencils and my son liked the grippy bands which were removable. What I thought was a fair split had been unsatisfying for both. The kids quickly and joyfully struck a deal -- my daughter got three pencils and 1 grippy thing and my son took 3 grippy things and one pencil. I would have never in a million years come up with that solution. Susie’s insights helped us get through that issue, but most importantly she has helped our family become better listeners and have more respect. Susie North is a fantastic communicator and she has deep reserves of wisdom.   She has an accessible style, a practical perspective, and genuinely listens."
- Mother of two

"Thanks again for your participation and for presenting this wonderful topic [Parent as Mediator] to our employees.  It was very informative and the feedback we received was very positive."
- Hospital Administrator, HR

"Your words are like gold to me. Thank you so much.  This offers me guidance AND comfort.  I am sending HUGE hugs and DEEP gratitude!!!"
- Mother of a three-year-old

“A great speaker and a wonderful educator”  
- Parent of two preschoolers

“This technique [Parent as Mediator] allows the parent to treat each child on an individual basis according to his/her developmental level and in a positive way…guides children towards understanding their own worth and the various ways others are just as worthy.”
- Nursery school director  

“Susie has such a calm demeanor and so much knowledge and experience to share." 
- Co-op nursery school teacher/director 

"Her philosophy on mediation is very much in line with the tenets of progressive education.  She's a wonderful lady and truly passionate about spreading the gospel of mediation."
- Father of three

"She really helped us uncork the energy!"

- Participant, faculty meeting facilitated by Susie